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Healthy snacks you should be eating

Welcome to my health and fitness site,  On this site I aim to give you a general idea about healthy foods you can eat and what sort of foods you should be avoiding.

So lets start with some healthy snacks for weight loss. Many people are misinformed when it comes to this subject. I hope the information provided here will put you on the right path and give you a idea of what a healthy diet should look like.

First I want to advise you to eat lots of fish, they are healthy taste good go with almost anything and contain many healthy nutrients and vital amino acids. My personal favourite fishes for eating are Salmon and Sardines.

Next you need to be eating a healthy amount of fruit. Dont be put off by the word fruit, there really is fruit out there that taste amazing, a few examples off the top of my head apples, oranges, pears, plum. Any one of these count towards your 5 a day but try to mix them up with vegetables.

As previously mentioned vegetables. Vegetables have great health benefits and although they may not be in everyones taste, I highly advise you to at least try and eat them at least 3 times a week. Try carrots, sweetcorn and spinach I find all of these to be easily edible.

Trail mix - This is a good example of a healthy snack. A couple of handfuls of trail mix can have you feeling full up in no time. It has the health benefits of nuts and fruits combined. I have always used trail mix as a quick snack.

Green tea - although not technically a snack, I classify it as something you can have in between meals as it helps speed up your metabolism and has fat burning properties. It is also known to help prevent and fight heart disease.

Thats my list finished for now I hope it helped you decide what you should be eating in your diet. And remmeber do not eat too many carbs or saturated fats in your diet, they can cancel out all your hard work easily. Visit healthy snacks for more information.

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